Combing the small town, front porch life the south is known for with the vibrancy of Uptown living, Elizabeth is the best of both worlds—and affordable! This neighborhood also boasts Charlotte’s first ever movie theater, The Visulite, which is still open as a live music venue. The continued legacy of this historical business sums up everything you need to know about this neighborhood.

Name: Elizabeth
In a Word: Vibrant
Location: Southeast, bordering Uptown
School district:

  • Elementary: Ashley Park, Dilworth
  • Middle: Alexander Graham, Ashley Park
  • High: Myers Park, West Charlotte
  • Private: Trinity Episcopal School

Average home price: Homes: $300k- $800k
Condos: $130k- $150k

Types of homes: A wide variety, including charming bungalows, brick single-family homes, and new condos and town-homes.


  • Great restaurants and entertainment
  • Easy access to Uptown
  • Undergoing a revitalization


  • Can be expensive for family living
  • Houses and condos on the smaller end

Representative Sample:

Best for: Anyone looking to settle down without giving up city life.

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Myers Park

Myers Park and its classic southern charm of tree-lined streets and majestic homes is the southern belle you can’t help but love. The place of Charlotte’s first trolley line and Queens College, Myers Park is a sophisticated and refined neighborhood with great schools. When you look past the beauty and find Myers Parks’ arts and outdoor spaces make, you realize it’s both beautiful and smart. And darnit, but that’s awfully compelling.

Name: Myers Park
In a Word: Refined
Location: South Uptown
School district:

  • Elementary: Dilworth, Myers Park
  • Middle: Alexander Graham, Sedgefield
  • High: Myers Park
  • Private: Charlotte Learning Academy, The John Crosland, St. Ann Catholic

Average home price: Small condos can be found starting at $150k.
Single family homes begin in the mid $300k

Types of homes: Mostly single-family homes.



  • Expensive

Best for: Families

This is just a general glimpse into Myers Park, for more information or specifics please contact


Sedgefield is another Charlotte neighborhood benefiting from the installation of the Lynx light rail. This community is receiving a face-lift and the charming single-family homes are conveniently situated next to refreshed shops and restaurants as well as the amenities other neighboring communities offer. It’s a quiet solace in a busy city.

Name: Sedgefield
In a Word: Quiet
Location: South West of Uptown
School district:

  • Elementary: Sedgefield
  • Middle: Sedgefield
  • High: Myers Park
  • Private: Collinswood Language, Charlotte Learning Academy, Marie G Davis Military and Global
    School, Holy Trinity Catholic Middle, St. Ann Catholic

Average home price: $150k-$600k

Types of homes: Post-war cottages, Colonials and Ranches



  • Small single-family homes
  • Limited condos

Representative Sample:

Best for: People who want convenience of city living, but a quiet place to hang their hat.

This is just a general glimpse into Sedgefield, for more information or specifics please contact


There’s always that one guy, with literally everything. You want to hate him, but he’s just so nice too and your hate always sounds petty, even to you. SouthPark is that guy. The neighborhood of SouthPark, and its subdivisions of Mountainbrook, Fairmeadows, Beverly Woods, Sharon Woods, Barclay Downs, and Foxcroft are where old money went to build their comfortable homes on comfortable plots with all the amenities of Uptown and country club living. You want to hate it, but gosh…it’s hard.

Name: SouthPark
In a Word: Southtown
Location: South of Uptown
School district:

  • Elementary: Sharon, Beverly Woods
  • Middle: Carmel, Quail Hollow
  • High:Myers Park, South Mecklenburg
  • Private: Charlotte Country Day, The Einstein Private School

Average home price: Starting at $200k

Types of homes: Classic ranches, split-levels, and new Tudor and French Provincials.


  • High end shopping
  • Good location
  • Beautiful homes


  • Expensive

Representative Sample:

Best for: The good life.

This is just a general glimpse into SouthPark, for more information or specifics please contact


Ballantyne began in 1992 as Ballantyne Corporate Park, and this nineties professional has the car phone of your dreams. It’s got everything your nostalgic but grown-up heart wants—a country club, spacious colonials, shops, and close-but-not-too-close to Uptown. Didn’t you hear the nineties are back?

Name: Ballantyne Country Club
In a Word: Golf (I wanted to say Waaazzzup)
Location: South Charlotte
School district:

  • Elementary: Ballantyne, Elon Park, Endhaven, Pineville, Hawk Ridge
  • Middle: Community House
  • High School: Ardrey Kell, South Mecklenburg
  • Private School: Shining Stars Academy, British American School of Charlotte, Charlotte Country
    Day School, Charlotte Latin School, United Faith Christian Academy, and South Charlotte Baptist Academy.

Average home price: $350,000 / $148/sq ft.

Types of homes: Ballantyne is divided into two sections. East Ballantyne—the older, more developed neighborhood with brick colonials from the 90’s on, and West Ballantyne—developed more recently with a variety of elegant single-family homes. The two neighborhoods are connected by a tunnel for pedestrians and golf carts.


  • Easy commute to downtown
  • Good for families—both kids and adults will find something to love
  • Golfing community
  • Close dining and shopping
  • Established community


  • Expensive
  • Further out from city center

Representative Sample: Links to a few examples of homes which have recently sold in this neighborhood?

Best for: Well-established families looking for a place to live the good life.

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Eastover was the first true “suburb” in Charlotte—where sedate homes were built with a mind towards bankers and business owners with room for their china cabinet and their cars. This historic neighborhood has only increased its value and it’s retained its Original Gangster feel. Just look at who used to live here: John Belk, yeah that Belk.

Name: Eastover
In a Word: O.G.
Location: Southeast of Uptown
School district:

  • Elementary: Eastover, Billingsville
  • Middle: Alexander Graham
  • High: Myers Park
  • Private: New Performance Learning Center, Metro School, Presbyterian Academy, Bethune Mays Classical Academy

Average home price: Condos can be found starting at $100k.
Single Family Homes begin at $500k and only go up from there.

Types of homes: Some luxury condos, stately single-family homes and treasured historic homes.


  • Close to Uptown
  • Easy access to restaurants and entertainment
  • Parks and Arts & Culture within walking distance


  • Very expensive
  • Limited condos

Representative Sample:

Best for: The individual who wants everything.

This is just a general glimpse into Eastover, for more information or specifics please contact


If city living is your speed, but you want to feel like you’re living in a distinct city and not any city, SouthEnd is where you want to be. The Lynx light rail and preservation efforts really brought life back into this historic community. It’s got all the feel of where Charlotte has been, plus the vision of where Charlotte is going. The subdivisions of Atherton Mill and Camden Road offer easy commuting, bike paths, farmers markets, and new specialty stores and restaurants.

Name: SouthEnd
In a Word: Modern
Location: South West of Uptown
School district:

  • Elementary: Dillworth
  • Middle: Alexander Graham, Sedgefield
  • High:West Charlotte
  • Private: Metro School, New Performance Learning Center, Oasis Preforming Arts, St. Patrick

Average home price: Upper $100k to $2 million

Types of homes: Condos and lofts


  • Up and coming modern living
  • Easy access to Uptown
  • No car needed


  • High rise living

Representative Sample:

Best for: Modern professionals looking for the good life.

This is just a general glimpse into South End, for more information or specifics please contact


When you haven’t seen someone since high school and all of a sudden, they turn up looking all hot? Yeah, that’s Charlotte’s neighborhood of NoDa. Just a few years ago, this wasn’t a sought-after neighborhood, but boy has that changed. Now, NoDa is one of the hippest, growing communities in Charlotte with arts community, boutiques and restaurants and a planned light rail extension currently under construction.

Name: NoDa
In a Word: Artsy
Location: Northeast of Uptown
School district:

  • Elementary: Highland Hill Montessori, Charlotte Choice Charter, Sugar Creek Charter,
  • Middle: Martin Luther King, Jr., Sugar Creek Charter
  • High: Garinger, Hawthorne
  • Private: One7 Academy, Trinity Episcopal

Average home price:

  • Condos begin at $200k
  • Fixers uppers at $100k
  • Homes at $225k

Types of homes: Everything from condos, to renovated mill homes, and everything in between.


  • Arts community
  • Diverse
  • Great restaurants


  • Hipster

Representative Sample:

Best for: If you work hard and play hard.

This is just a general glimpse into NoDa, for more information or specifics please contact


The French girl of Charlotte, Midwood is both classic and cool, and whenever you see her you can’t help but want to be there. This neighborhood was originally designed around a trolley line, for the families in the early 1900’s, and this history permeates it’s walkable and friendly streets. Now, this neighborhood retains the classic feel, but with the addition of trendy restaurants and hip bars.

Name: Midwood
In a Word: Cool
Location: East Charlotte
School district:

  • Elementary: Shamrock Gardens
  • Middle: Eastway, Piedmont Open
  • High: Garinger, Hawthorne
  • Private: Chantilly Montessori, Charlotte United Christian Academy, Bethune Mays Classical

Average home price: $150k and upwards

Types of homes: Craftsman bungalows and post-war cottages.


  • Great restaurants, bars, and shops
  • Nice sized homes
  • Close to Uptown


  • Expensive
  • Limited

Representative Sample:

Best for:

This is just a general glimpse into Midwood, for more information or specifics please contact


Cotswold is the nice guy of Charlotte’s neighborhoods. It was developed around the shopping center after the same name, a hybrid mall that opened in 1963, and borders some of the best neighborhoods and schools. Cotswold will always help you move furniture or pick you up from the airport. It may be easy to overlook, but don’t sleep on the nice guy.

Name: Cotswold
In a Word: Friendly
Location: South East, near Uptown
School district:

  • Elementary: Billingsville, Cotswold, Eastover, Lansdowne, Rama Road
  • Middle: Alaxender Graham, McClintock
  • High: East Mecklenburg, Myers Park
  • Private: Adventist Christian Academy, Alexander Children’s Center, Phillips Academy, St. Gabriel Catholic School.

Average home price: $100-160/ square foot

Types of homes: Brick ranches and split-levels, built on big lots and often recently renovated and updated.



  • Houses can require renovation

Representative Sample:

Best for: Families who aren’t ready to give up downtown living.

This is just a general glimpse into Cotswold, for more information or specifics please contact