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Shopping local this holiday season is a no-brainer. Not only do you support Charlotte small businesses, you give truly unique and special gifts that are sure to be remembered. And this holiday season, you can give everyone the gift of Charlotte pride! Here are five local businesses doing Charlotte right.  


CLT Find 

224 E. 7th St 

Charlotte, NC 28202 

Instagram: @cltfind 


The three founders– Toni, Christy and Britt—envisioned CLT find as a shop to find the perfect souvenir or gift. They feature over forty local makers, artists, & creatives and keep to small batch accessories, beauty and grooming, and jewelry items. 


Girl Tribe Co. 

1800 Camden Rd 

Suite 102 

Charlotte, NC 28203 


Two home-grown Charlotte girls re-connected after returning to the city and meeting up to discuss their career goals and dreams. The ensuing friendship birthed Girl Tribe Co., a project that started with hilarious and empowering tees and tanks and became so much more.  


704 Shop 

1616 Camden Rd 

Suite 140 

Charlotte, NC 28203 

Instagram: @704shop 


Three former UNC-Charlotte roommates brought their hometown passion and friendship into a Charlotte-central apparel. The brand is more than just great t-shirts—check out their weekly Fact Friday, centering on Charlotte history. Their 704 Shop is also the only private retailer licensed to legally print the iconic Charlotte crown logo on their products.  


Paper Skyscraper 

330 East Blvd 

Charlotte, NC 28203 

Instagram: @paperskyscrapergifts 


Paper Skyscraper was a small bookstore that grew with the neighborhood and over the years has begun to offer unique & fun gifts, this shop is the perfect place to find holiday gifts. They often feature exclusive items, such as a recent 1,000pc Charlotte Skyline jigsaw puzzle featuring artwork from local artist David French. 


Glory Days Apparel 

Instagram: @glorydaysapparel 


(Glory Days does not have a brick-and-mortar shop, but you can order products online or view them in person at their frequent pop-ups.) 

Glory Days Apparel bids themselves as a nostalgia brand, and if you’re uncertain what that means, think of the softest, oldest t-shirts in your drawer—the one you go back to over and over again. That is the feel in every product Glory Days creates. Soft, great design and Charlotte supported.  


CLT Boutique 



(Online or “glamper” pop-ups listed on their website.)  

CLT Boutique began when founder, Britt, needed to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her mom after a heart transplant surgery. Creating a special bangle with an E.E. Cummings quote and the heart donor’s initials, the gift made such an impression Britt took her passion for creating and ran with it! CLT Boutique is a great place to find special gifts, and has pop-up shops throughout North and South Carolina in their renovated vintage camper. Definitely check out their neighborhood art print, by Charlotte artist Shannon Newlin.


Photo by Cody Hughes @clhughes21

10 Ways to Use Charlotte’s Libraries

It’s easy to forget about the library. The library isn’t offended. It knows you buy your physical copies of books at your local indie bookstore. It knows there is nothing easier than the “One Click Buy” button for your Kindle. But it would also like to remind you, maybe with a polite throat clearing, that the library is still here. Waiting. With books and also more than books.  


Here are ten ways to use the library you might not have thought of just yet.  


  1. Place a hold on almost any material and have it delivered to a library branch of your choice. The limit is 99 items out at once which is more items than anyone needs at any point in time anyway!  
  2. Access the library of instructional videos—covering business, technical and creative skills, there are more than 3,000 courses with 129,942 video tutorials.  
  3. Learn a new language using Mango Languages, a language-learning software with over 70 world language courses and over 17 ESL/ELL courses.  
  4. View old pictures of Charlotte neighborhoods at The Carolina Room at the Main Library or at The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Story, the library’s local history and genealogy website.  
  5. For those who qualify, you can request Outreach Services which bring the library experience to a person who is home-bound, in senior housing, within correctional facilities, living with disabilities, living in transition, or new to this country.  
  6. Read digital versions of current magazines. There are hundreds of magazines to view on your computer, tablet or smart phone through library services. Just ask your nearest friendly librarian.  
  7. Download five free songs a week!  
  8. Visit the “Idea Box.” Located on the first floor of the Main Library, the Idea Box has 3D printers, sewing machines, laser & vinyl cutters, knitting machines, and more. 
  9. Attend free classes. Charlotte Libraries offer more than 22,000 programs open to the public. Topics include: job skills, how to download items from the library’s collection to an e-reader or smart device, etc.  
  10. Have a quiet moment in any of the reading rooms, surrounded by the smell of old books and magic 😉   


Photo by Cody Hughes @clhughes21