Holiday Woes Catered Away


What’s your favorite part of the holiday season? Is it trying to calculate how many days you need to thaw a twenty-pound bird? How about waking up at 4am to start the meal or All. Those. Dishes!  

This season, give yourself the gift of an easier time. Catering sounds expensive and complex, but there is a huge range of options in Charlotte (at all price points) to feed your family and friends without breaking your holiday spirit or leaving the comfort of your home.  

Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen 

4001 Yancey Rd 

Suite C 

Charlotte, NC 28217 

The turkey is covered, but those sides . . . you’re pretty sure you don’t even have enough space in your oven to get everything warm all at once.  Enter Alyssa’s Kitchen. Their sides serve 6-8 people, perfect for your holiday get-together.  


City Barbeque 

(Multiple locations in Charlotte.) 

Nothing is better than a barbeque holiday. City Barbeque smokes all their meats in-house, and offers a huge selection of great sides. Don’t forget their Green Beans with Bacon and Corn Pudding! 


Copain Gatherings 

(Pickup location at Rooster’s South Park) 

6601 Morrison Blvd 

Charlotte, NC 28211 

 Chef Jim Noble and Noble Food & Pursuits has your holiday meal covered. The menu includes appetizers, side dishes, entrees, and pies.  



(Multiple locations in Charlotte.)  

I know what you’re thinking. But Hello Seasoned Fried Turkeys ($39.99)! Combine this with sides like biscuits, mashed potatoes, green beans, mac and cheese along with desserts (Bo Berry Biscuits are my fav!) and who is going to complain? Don’t forget to call ahead for large orders, though.  


Fresh Market 

(Multiple locations in Charlotte.)  

The Fresh Market has been a life saver on many special occasions for me. Pick up pre-made dinner boxes for the whole crew (3-14 people). You have to call ahead for availability but they will offer full meals for most holidays . . . and Valentine’s Day!  


Harper’s Pineville  

11059 Carolina Place Pkwy 

Pineville, NC 28134 

Here’s another great barbeque option. What? We live in the south. The takeout menu includes a variety of traditional holiday fare, including turkeys ($50), sides ($8-$20), and pies ($15).  


La Belle Helene 

300 S. Tryon St 

Charlotte, NC 28202 

The complete foodie holiday dinner can be found at La Belle Helene. They offer a rôtisserie Joyce Farms Heritage black turkey, brioche dinner rolls, haricot verts amondine, pommes purée, cranberry & orange chutney, brussels sprouts aux lardons, cornbread & sage stuffing, along with pumpkin Charlotte and pecan caramel tarts. Hungry yet?

Brown Bag Blessing


In April of this year, a new catering company and restaurant opened in Ballantyne. Focusing on simple, home-style food, with an eat-in location that’s open for lunch, Brown Bag delivers to events for a minimum of 10 people and offers bulk foods for pickup, like trays of chicken, salads or sides you can use to fill in the gaps for your holiday parties or for your own meal shortcuts. The food is healthy and wholesome, a welcome change from sandwiches and chips most catering companies offer small groups.  


But this straightforward catering and café restaurant doesn’t just offer up solid, delicious food offerings. Brown Bag originally started in Knoxville and Nashville, with a small group of friends who grew it out of a home business, one serving at a time before opening its first Charlotte location. It’s a catering company with a purpose.  


Called the Brown Bag Blessing, with 24-hours notice, you can call in a crisis and the company will donate a meal for up to eight people, using food left at the end of the day. In the case of a sudden death or hospitalization where you’re trying to figure out how to feed everyone who is coming together, all you need to do is call.  


In addition to this service, there’s also an in-restaurant opportunity to pass along the goodness. A wipe-off board at the restaurant allows you to buy a friend a meal. Taking inspiration from bars that have similar concepts with drinks, Brown Bag lets you overpay for your lunch and write a friend’s name on the board, giving your friend a free lunch whenever they come by to eat.  


5231 Piper Station Drive  

Sunday: Closed 

Mon – Sat: 11 AM – 2:30 PM


Photo by Cody Hughes @clhughes21