How to Style a Coffee Bar Cart

Bar carts are definitely in style in 2020! No matter what size home you have, you can use a coffee bar cart to spruce up the space while having extra storage. Lost on how to make your cart look like it belongs in a magazine? Keep reading, and I’ll give you ideas on how to use and decorate this space.


On the top shelf, you can keep a coffee maker and/or espresso machine for an easily accessible cup of joe. In addition, you can have cute mugs, creamer, sugar, and stirring sticks for your own little Starbucks corner. For fun, you can even make a coffee bar sign.


Not into coffee? Make it into a hot chocolate or tea area! Bar carts can be used for any beverage (or food) that you like. It’s meant to be personal, just like your home.


If your cart has multiple shelves, don’t fret. You can put almost anything on a cart to make it cute. Add some succulents or plants on the shelves or beside your cart. The more plants, the better. Display your favorite cookbooks. Put your fruit bowl on a shelf. This will turn your cart into not just a coffee bar, but a little coffee and snack nook. You can rotate displaying festive trinkets that you find as well for that extra homey touch.


Finally, put the cart on a chic faux fur rug and put a chair or bookshelf nearby. This way you have the perfect space to curl up on the weekend and enjoy your home.


Remember, there’s no perfect science to putting together a bar cart. Hopefully these ideas help make a corner of your home a little more comfortable and a little more “you.” For more decor inspiration, definitely check out my Pinterest boards!

New Name, Old Place: Optimist Hall

This former mill was built in 1892 as Tompkins Hall, but just one block away from the Parkwood Station of the Light Rail, this redevelopment is being reborn as Optimist Hall. 

The project brings together an exciting collection of food hall, retail, restaurants and office space; made possible by the unique design and topography of the building. Optimist Hall is on a downward slope. It’s creating a wholly original landscape that allows for different levels and individual nooks for a variety of businesses. 

During the modernization construction, developers found a house under the parking lot, and thousands of spindle spools with thread still on them from the mill. The discovered spindles will be used as decor.

Duke Energy moves into the space soon, but check out the lineup opening March 1, 2019: 

The Dumpling Lady—the first brick-and-mortar location for the popular area food truck. 


Archer Paper Goods—the first North Carolina location of a popular Atlanta and Dallas paper goods store. 


Billy Sunday—Chicago-based cocktail lounge offering classic drinks, vintage spirits and new creations. 


Pet Wants—Featuring fresh, slow-cooked and natural ingredients for your pets. 


Bao + Broth Ramen + Bun Shop – An Asian-inspired food stall. 


Fonta Flora Brewery – Brewery and tasting room, featuring a large outdoor patio.


Aix Rotisserie – French Rotisserie from the owners of Aix En Provence.


Undercurrent Coffee – A full service coffee and espresso bar.


Honeysuckle Gelato –Handmade gelato, gelato sandwiches and sorbet.


Papi Queso – A “grilled cheese streatery” food truck opening it’s first brick-and-morter.  


AVA – A Tampa-based Italian food and Neapolitan-style pizza restaurant.


Suárez Bakery & Barra – Pastries, house-made breads and doughnuts, along with a Cuban menu.


Zukku Sushi – Featuring sushi rolls, sushi burritos and poke bowls.


With all these new places to explore and a bright future ahead, the new moniker fits the future for this once forgotten mill. 

Iced Coffee With a Heart


Enderly Coffee Co.’s newest brick-and-mortar store at 2620 Tuckaseegee Road in the Enderly Park neighborhood is a bright and cheery beacon, heralding itself with bright yellow patio furniture. Sitting just beyond FreeMoreWest hotspots like Pinky’s Westside Grill and Rhino Market, the new addition to the neighborhood makes a statement. Inside, the bright feel is followed through with reclaimed wood, walls decorated with local art, and a kids’ play coffee bar built by a high school refugee group at Project 658. But it’s not just the new space that makes this Charlotte business such a big deal. It’s Enderly’s commitment to its community that brings that beating heart into a corporate space.  


Owners Becky and Tony Santoro fell in love over coffee, so it only makes sense their business would grow from there.  At Michigan State, while volunteering through a nonprofit organization on campus Tony would drop in when he knew Becky was working at the coffee shop.  When the two foster parents moved to Enderly Park in 2007, they kept seeing their young adult neighbors graduate — or not graduate — from high school without a clear direction and the two Charlotte-Mecklenburg School teachers felt this opportunity gap couldn’t go unanswered.  


Their answer was coffee.  


Enderly Coffee started creating jobs, and as it did, it stayed firm to its guiding ethos of strengthening “our community by forging meaningful relationships in our neighborhood and throughout our city.” They seek to encourage and inspire. And they do it in practical ways, roasting beans since 2012 and opening this Tuckaseegee Road location in July of this year. Over the next year, expect to see small-batch roasting happening here on and the expansion of the food menu. As they say, “Life is too short for bad coffee.” 





Visit Enderly Coffee Co. 

 2620 Tuckaseegee Rd


Photo by Cody Hughes @clhughes21

Home Maintenance Tips for the Fall

When the nights get chilly and the pumpkin spice latte is back, that can only mean one thing. It’s time to do fall home maintenance. Take a weekend and use it as an excuse for donuts. You’ll rest assured all winter.

  1. Seal your windows. A lot of energy is lost around windows and doors. Did you know you can get a free energy assessment from Duke Energy? If you’re not up for scheduling that service, you could alternatively seal any air leaks that you notice, or seal up old windows for the season.
  2. Repair caulking. Cracked caulking can be repaired fairly easily by scraping out the old caulk with a blade and installing a new strip of caulk.
  3. Check you weather-stripping. Inspect the inside of door frames for damaged weather stripping. Weather stripping can come with an adhesive backing and costs merely a few dollars. But replacing damaged weather stripping could save tens of dollars each month so it’s worthwhile to check into this.
  4. Vacuum upholstered furniture and drapes. It’s one of those things we can all remember our mothers and grandmothers doing, but never seem to remember it’s up to us. Try to vacuum these pieces the next time you pull out the vacuum since it’s that time of year.
  5. Window washing. When you’re doing the drapes, it’s a great time to get the interior sides of your windows. Feel free to reach out to me if you need the name of a good window cleaning professional who can also address the exterior of your windows.
  6. Spot clean carpets and furniture. Fall is a great time to do a yearly spot clean any stains on carpets or furniture. Remember to do a test spot clean on the corner first before cleaning a stain that is in the center of a piece.

If you’re having a hard time getting going, here’s a list of donuts you can get first: chocolate glazed, Boston cream, cinnamon sugar, toasted coconut, jelly, cake, sprinkles. Donuts and fall chores go together like pumpkin spice and lattes.