Fitness in Charlotte

A new year (and new decade!) comes along with new year’s resolutions. Many make a resolution to go to the gym, so why not make it fun? If you have a fitness class you love, you are much more likely to keep up with your resolution; therefore, I’ve made a list just for you on […]Read More

How to Hide Cat Litter

There’s nothing more unattractive than walking into a well-styled living room and noticing a smelly cat litter pan in the corner. Especially in smaller living spaces, cat litter can absolutely cramp your style. If you value the aesthetic of your home, but also can’t give up your kitty, here are some tips on how to […]Read More

How to Style a Coffee Bar Cart

Bar carts are definitely in style in 2020! No matter what size home you have, you can use a coffee bar cart to spruce up the space while having extra storage. Lost on how to make your cart look like it belongs in a magazine? Keep reading, and I’ll give you ideas on how to […]Read More

Dog Friendly Spots in CLT

If you walk down the streets of the Southend neighborhood in Charlotte, around every corner is someone walking their dog. The rail trail makes a great city-view stroll with your pup, but there are also a ton of dog-friendly hangouts in Charlotte! If you can’t bear to leave your furry friend at home, keep reading. […]Read More

Sushi of Charlotte

Are you craving sushi, but haven’t found your favorite sushi place yet? Charlotte has so many tasty restaurants, including sushi joints. Here are some places that will hit the spot for that craving! OKU 2000 South Boulevard Suite 510 Charlotte, NC 28203 If you are looking for an upscale sushi place with low-key vibes, Oku […]Read More

48 Hour Film Project of Charlotte

Even though Charlotte is no New York City or Los Angeles, it still has a well-established film community. They have local meetings, as well as a group that travels to the well-known Sundance Film Festival in January. Charlotte is even lucky enough to have a local casting company. The Charlotte 48 Hour Film Project takes […]Read More

Tips for Moving With Pets

We all love our pets. They’re members of the family we could never leave behind. Moving with pets can be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. If your pets are keeping you from moving, consider these tips for moving with pets to ease the transition.   Keep Pets Away from the Action If […]Read More

7 “In” Items for Your Home

If you recently bought or are trying to sell, you may need to update your home. Including these small, yet stylish features can help brighten and modernize the space. It’ll have all of your friends “ooh”ing and “aahh”ing as they admire your taste. Don’t worry, I’ll keep it a secret that you got the tips […]Read More

Day Trip from Charlotte

North Carolina is one of the coolest places to live because we have the beach and mountains all in one! Summers can be busy, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a day getaway. Charlotte is a wonderful city with plenty around it to make for a fun day trip.   The Quarry at Carrigan […]Read More

Stay Cool: Troubleshooting your HVAC

The worst time of year to start having HVAC problems are the middle of summer (and the dead of winter). Not only are you quickly experiencing the discomfort of no heat or air, you also have that sinking sensation in your gut that something is wrong and it’ll probably cost money. Here’s what to check […]Read More

New Name, Old Place: Optimist Hall

This former mill was built in 1892 as Tompkins Hall, but just one block away from the Parkwood Station of the Light Rail, this redevelopment is being reborn as Optimist Hall.  The project brings together an exciting collection of food hall, retail, restaurants and office space; made possible by the unique design and topography of […]Read More

Where to “Marie Kondo” Your Stuff

The good news is you were super inspired after watching Netflix’s “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”. The bad news is your garage or basement is piled with things that no longer bring you joy. No one told you how overwhelming getting rid of stuff can be, even after you know you want to get rid […]Read More

Cheap (But Not Skimpy) Date Spots

  Whether you’re looking for an easy, low pressure date spot for meeting someone for the first time or you just want to go on a date that won’t break the bank after you pay the babysitter and get yourself a drink, Charlotte has a wide variety of free to low-cost cultural offerings. Don’t miss the last one on […]Read More

Tour Charlotte’s Street Murals

Do it for the gram.     Or for the culture.     If you haven’t seen them yet, check out The Talking Walls festival — 17 mural artists painting 16 new murals around Center City Charlotte—debuted this past fall in Charlotte.     Southern Tiger Collective’s Alex DeLarge and IMEK Studio’s Kevin Taylor, with the help of committee members Rob Reilly and Queens University professor Mike […]Read More

Treats and Sweets

  It’s the season for indulgence and special treats — I won’t tell your trainer if you don’t! Whether you need to fill out a dessert table for your holiday dinner, or just bring a treat to a party, the holiday season is the time of year when everyone needs a signature bakery to frequent. If you need suggestions, here are […]Read More

Holiday Woes Catered Away

  What’s your favorite part of the holiday season? Is it trying to calculate how many days you need to thaw a twenty-pound bird? How about waking up at 4am to start the meal or All. Those. Dishes!   This season, give yourself the gift of an easier time. Catering sounds expensive and complex, but there is a huge range […]Read More

The Novice Guide to Cheap (Real) Art

  Your significant other is right. It’s time to let the Scarface poster go. Or even the Starry Night, if you’re fancy like that. You are an adult. With a mortgage, more than one checking account, and your own health insurance. You know the difference between a 401K and a Roth IRA. You need art. Real art. […]Read More

Shop Charlotte

  Shopping local this holiday season is a no-brainer. Not only do you support Charlotte small businesses, you give truly unique and special gifts that are sure to be remembered. And this holiday season, you can give everyone the gift of Charlotte pride! Here are five local businesses doing Charlotte right.     CLT Find  224 E. 7th […]Read More

Stop Holiday Stress Before It Starts

  “What are your plans for the Holidays?” Aunt Karen asks.    Suddenly, you’re sweating and feeling like the word Holidays, as the kids say, is a trigger word. You’re filled with panic. Vignettes of previous holiday chaos flashes before your eyes. Should the mashed potatoes have milk or heavy cream? What is pumpkin pie spice anyway, and Mom didn’t make […]Read More

Guide to Charitable Giving

  With the upcoming holiday season, it’s a time of year to give back. Whether you write a check for a large organization, donate a little extra to church, or are just thinking about getting started, here are some things to think about for responsible giving that makes an impact.       Find Something Personal   What things […]Read More

Eating With a Conscience

  What does it mean to be a conscious eater? It’s not just about choosing food that will nourish your body, but about buying food that also nourishes your community. Luckily, Charlotte has some great offerings for someone trying to eat more intentionally.     The Mayobird & Summit Room + Joe and Nosh & The Packhouse   A dinner only concept features […]Read More

Dog Friendly Events in Charlotte

  This fall and winter, the dog friendly events don’t end on Halloween. Get your puppies ready for these events around Charlotte.     The Fox – Yadkin Valley Hiking & Wine Tasting Fri, November 2, 2018  8:00 AM – 7:00 PM EDT  Join The Fox for a great day-trip of hiking Pilot Mountain State Park, with it’s incredible mountain […]Read More

Nine Date Night Spots

  Looking for some great Charlotte eateries perfect for your next date? We’ve got you covered.   Haberdish  3106 N Davidson St  A “southern kitchen and craft cocktail bar”, this eatery boasts food that is amazing to both eat and photograph. The dishes have regional touches from Haberdish’s mill history in the NoDa neighborhood. Don’t miss out on the fried […]Read More

Halloween in Charlotte

  It’s a full-on week of Halloween and Charlotte brings the events, no matter if you’ve been planning your costume for the last six months or whether you’ll throw on cat ear headbands from the dollar bin. Since the holiday falls on Wednesday this year, you’re getting a Wednesday Addams treat—twice the chance for murder […]Read More

The Future of Farm-To-Fork in North Carolina

  Quick. Quiz time.     Do you know where your last meal came from?     Not the store or the restaurant, but the place. The origin.     In a world of overwhelming food choices, simply becoming more aware of where your food comes from can be a small and positive change. We are increasingly connected, but more and more […]Read More

Real Men Wear Pink of Greater Charlotte

  It’s a thing all too easy to forget, but breast cancer doesn’t affect just women. Each year, thousands of American men are diagnosed with breast cancer, in addition to more than 240,000 of their mothers, sisters, daughters, co-workers and friends.    The American Cancer Society introduced the Real Men Wear Pink campaign to Charlotte in […]Read More

Iced Coffee With a Heart

  Enderly Coffee Co.’s newest brick-and-mortar store at 2620 Tuckaseegee Road in the Enderly Park neighborhood is a bright and cheery beacon, heralding itself with bright yellow patio furniture. Sitting just beyond FreeMoreWest hotspots like Pinky’s Westside Grill and Rhino Market, the new addition to the neighborhood makes a statement. Inside, the bright feel is followed through with reclaimed wood, walls decorated with local art, and a kids’ play coffee […]Read More

Where to Save on Home Improvement

  Blame it on Fixer Upper (a licensed and experienced contractor, mind you), but just because they make it look easy on TV, doesn’t mean it’s easy in real life. Cutting corners or trying to DIY projects for home improvement you have no experience in can cost you in the long run. But we all […]Read More

Choosing the Right Siding for Your Home

  Thinking of replacing the siding on your house, but uncertain what material to use? Here’s the pros and cons to consider.     Vinyl- Vinyl siding is cheap and durable and most commonly chosen for those reasons. It resists hail and denting but can warp in intense heat. Vinyl needs replaced about every twenty years.     Brick- Durable and classic, […]Read More

How to Pick the Right Flooring

  Go to any flooring store and it’s easy to be overwhelmed with options for your home. What might be worse is having a specific idea of what you want and finding it might be the wrong fit for the area of your home you’d like to put it in. Read on for a rundown of the […]Read More

Summer Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

  In these days of early summer heat, it can feel like your air conditioning may not be working quite the same as you remember. Maybe you missed your spring maintenance. Maybe you keep turning down the thermostat. Here are five ways to check-in with your air conditioning system before it becomes a problem.     Change your […]Read More

Outdoor Lighting for Everyone

  Well planned outdoor lighting can give any house an upgrade, as well as making it safer and a more relaxing space. But it can be one of the costliest parts of your landscaping. Outdoor lighting doesn’t have to break your budget. Here is how to plan outdoor lighting for any price range.   What […]Read More

Eight Summer Time Savers

  Summer may not seem to be the time to start any new projects or habits, but it’s the perfect time to make life easier for yourself. Here are eight summer time-savers.     Organize your grocery list. You probably shop at the same store or stores every time and can remember the layout if you needed. Organize your […]Read More

Healthy Gutters, Healthy Home

  Gutters are the teeth of the house. When they start to go, everything else does to. (Or is it the feet?) Whatever the terrible analogy, healthy gutters are key to keeping your home healthy. They are designed to keep your home free from water damage. When they start to fail, the leaks can damage the fascia board, siding and, quickly, the foundation itself. Here’s what to look […]Read More

The Countertop Crossroads

  You’re done. Done “decorating” with a carefully positioned pot-holder or vase. Done apologizing for your mauve countertop circa The Golden Girls. You just want your scratched, gouged, burnt, or simply hideous countertop to be new. Unfortunately, your budget has other ideas. Don’t lose hope just yet! There may be an option you haven’t considered. You may be able to repair your old […]Read More

Brown Bag Blessing

  In April of this year, a new catering company and restaurant opened in Ballantyne. Focusing on simple, home-style food, with an eat-in location that’s open for lunch, Brown Bag delivers to events for a minimum of 10 people and offers bulk foods for pickup, like trays of chicken, salads or sides you can use to fill in the […]Read More

Use That Bitcoin, Bro

  How many cryptocurrencies would it take to buy a house in the U.S.? If you’re sitting here still uncertain what bitcoin even truly is, it’s okay most the world doesn’t get it either. Here’s a handy definition. (link). But that doesn’t mean it’s not already being used in the housing market. Some exclusive property […]Read More

Weathering Winter Indoors

The long days of winter hibernation can drag on anyone. We spend so much time indoors, from illnesses to snow days, the house you love during the summer is suddenly the thing you stalk around like an insomniac bear. Here are eight ways to make your home feel better and brighter, so you can make […]Read More

The Must-Need Tool Kit

You. Yes you. You need a home tool kit. Even if you’ve never touched a hammer. Especially if you’ve ever used a shoe as a hammer. Here are eleven items (and their uses) to get you started. 16-ounce hammer: A solid hammer choice that anyone can use. Shoes, in fact, are terrible substitutes. Multi-bit screwdriver: […]Read More

Three Things We’re Doing More in Our Cars

The Model T came out in 1905, and just like that, the car has been a staple in American’s lives for over 100 years. These days, the way we use cars and technology is rapidly changing. Ride-Sharing apps have completely changed the way we use our vehicles. From using our personal vehicles as a way […]Read More

Organize Your Kitchen in One Afternoon

  Remember spending Saturday afternoons cleaning your bedroom as a teenager? It began as a chore and ended with a great sense of satisfaction and a new intimacy with your forgotten playlists. And going into the following week with that clean and organized room? The best. Bring that vintage feel into your kitchen in one […]Read More

Bad Neighbor

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Smart House

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Water, Water Everywhere

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Five Ways to Invest in Yourself

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Get Inspired with Podcasts

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Five Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

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Home Maintenance Tips for the Fall

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Five Steps to Financial Freedom

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Five (More) Charlotte History Facts

  Charlotte is a city rich in history. Please read the first article in this series if you haven’t already titled “Four Things You Didn’t Know About Charlotte’s History.” Here are five (more) facts about Charlotte.      Do you know where the NBA Hornet’s nest logo comes from? It dates all the way back to 1780, when General Cornwallis led the British […]Read More

Five Charlotte History Facts

  Stand on the intersection of Trade and Tryon in Uptown Charlotte and you’re standing at the birthplace of trade and commerce for this area. But it isn’t what you think. A large group of Loyalists (colonists who were still loyal to King George) decided to colonize the area that would become Charlotte because it was already the intersection of two […]Read More

10 Ways to Use Charlotte’s Libraries

It’s easy to forget about the library. The library isn’t offended. It knows you buy your physical copies of books at your local indie bookstore. It knows there is nothing easier than the “One Click Buy” button for your Kindle. But it would also like to remind you, maybe with a polite throat clearing, that the […]Read More

Four Things You Didn’t Know About Charlotte’s History

A whole world exists below the surface of Lake Norman. The lake was created in 1963, after Duke Energy flooded the area using water from the Catawba River and the land already contained homes, businesses, cemeteries, a plantation, cotton mills, mill villages and large machinery, the remnants of which still remain at the bottom of the lake.   […]Read More

Charlotte Treasure

  There’s a secret treasure hidden all over Charlotte. Something priceless. Magic. You might have already seen one and not even noticed. Hidden throughout Charlotte are over 100 white diamonds to find, but the map has been lost. The diamonds belong to trees.     In the late 80’s, the Treasure Tree program began designating special trees (historical or ecological) in Mecklenburg […]Read More

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Designing Charlotte in Every Style

If you’re looking to build or planning an extensive home renovation, you probably already have a strong idea of what kind of style you envision. Browsing through designer portfolio’s you are are looking for an architect or designer who understands your vision and who’s work feels instinctually YES. Here are some of Charlotte’s best architecture […]Read More

Budget Bangs for Your Buck

Putting money into the curb appeal of your home has a decidedly less glamorous feel than the idea of redoing your bathroom or kitchen. It’s much harder to care about picking out drought resistance ground cover than it is to pick out granite countertops. You know you want to spend your money on something that […]Read More

Budget Busters

Ever experience sticker shock in a store? You are just browsing with a sweating Starbucks cup, maybe to get out of the heat for a bit and you see something that looks interesting and reasonable and maybe you know people that have something like it. Reasonable people! You find the little dangly price tag and […]Read More

Money Trees

Money doesn’t grow on trees, which is unfortunate because anytime you even sneeze at a tree in your yard, it’s basically going to cost money. The cost of managing the trees around your home or in your yard depends on factors that you may not even realize—such as the type of tree or where it’s […]Read More

Curb Appeal for Your Budget

It’s not the outside appearance, it’s the inside that counts. Except when it comes to your house. Even if you’ve got Italian carrera marble bathrooms and a custom-built kitchen upgrade, potential buyers see an ugly façade and won’t manage to click on the inside photos. Even if your home isn’t on the market, you’re that […]Read More

Teamwork Makes The (Home Renovation) Dream Work!

In a home renovation, the contractor is like the lead actor in a play. Your contractor is Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Your contractor is Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady. They’re the star power. The one you are oh-so-careful to choose. But just as in a classic musical, a home renovation requires some […]Read More

How to Find a Real Estate Agent

The hardest part of any task is getting started, and buying and selling real estate is no exception. Before you begin ‘Marie-Kondo-ing’, packing boxes, or even browsing online for a future home, you should be looking for a real estate agent. A good real estate agent can make the difference between getting a house you […]Read More

Troubleshooting Your Water Heater

  Is home ownership easy? Nope. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Here are some common problems that come up with water heaters.   “My water is rusty.” If the water only turns rusty when you are running hot water, your water heater may be rusting inside the tank. If your water is rusty whether you are running hot […]Read More

How to Pick the Right Flooring

  Go to any flooring store and it’s easy to be overwhelmed with options for your home. What might be worse is having a specific idea of what you want and finding it might be the wrong fit for the area of your home you’d like to put it in. Read on for a rundown of the […]Read More

Road Map to Renovation

  Knowing you want to renovate is often the easiest step of the home improvement process. Deciding what to renovate, where to spend your money, and whether or not to do it yourself are more complex parts of the process. Here are other things to consider as you begin to make your home improvement plan.     […]Read More

The Countertop Crossroads

  You’re done. Done “decorating” with a carefully positioned pot-holder or vase. Done apologizing for your mauve countertop circa The Golden Girls. You just want your scratched, gouged, burnt, or simply hideous countertop to be new. Unfortunately, your budget has other ideas. Don’t lose hope just yet! There may be an option you haven’t considered. You may be able to repair your old […]Read More

Four Mortgage Misconceptions to Watch For

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7 Things To Do Before Listing Your House

  As soon as you know you’re moving, it’s hard to look around your current home and want to do anything but future house search with a bag of chips. But paying attention to your current home can pay dividends when it comes to getting the price you want. These are seven suggestions for improving […]Read More

Hidden Costs of Home Buying

  Buying a house can feel a bit like a game of whack-a-mole—hit one thing down and another pops up. Here are four costs you might not anticipate in the home buying process.   1. The Inspection: It’s easy to remember the inspection is a hurdle to buying a home, but we often forget it’s […]Read More

Selling a City Home

  The art of selling a quirky home, especially one in the city where real estate can be…extra quirky…is more than writing an adjective laden listing. After all, everyone knows cute means small. Instead, here are a few real solutions for common real estate quirks.   Low Ceilings—make sure your ceilings are white and the […]Read More

Renting or Buying?

The value of home ownership has been on a roller coaster ride the last few years, and in many ways it’s like looking at the seven stories Tower of Doom TM and wondering whether it will leave you smiling or woozy for the rest of the day. Should you get on the roller coast? Or […]Read More

Renting or Selling

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